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All we do:Bedroom Maid Cleaning Service Bedrooms

Everything is Organized and put in its place.
Toys are picked up, Shelves and Desks look nice.
Bed is stripped down and Linens are changed if available. Make Bed.
Dust all Wall Decorations and Pictures.
Rugs are removed and shaken Out.
Ceiling fan is dusted.
Window Sills and Blinds are Dusted (and washed if necessary).
Reachable baseboards are dusted.Bedroom Maid Cleaning Service 2 Bedrooms
Cob Webs are removed.
Mirrors and Pictures are Dusted and Cleaned.
Floor is Vacuumed or Swept and Mopped.
Rugs are put back in place.
Trash is pulled.
Door Knobs and Light Switches are sanitized.