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Make Ready for Realtors and Home Owners

Make Ready Cleaning Service
Special for Realtors and Home Owners

kitchen 3 maid services old Make Ready for Realtors and Home Owners

From experience, Real Estate Agents, REALTORS® and Home Owners also know that a “well-polished” home appeals to more buyers and will sell faster and for a better deal. Additionally, buyers feel more comfortable purchasing a well-cared home because of what they can see is well maintained.

What they can’t see has probably also been maintained. In readying your house for sale. Contact us for a free cleaning estimate

All we do:

• Everything is Organized and put in its place.
• Toys are picked up, Shelves and Desks look nice.
• Bed is stripped down and Linens are changed if available. Make Bed.
• Dust all Wall Decorations and Pictures.
mop living Make Ready for Realtors and Home Owners• Rugs are removed and shaken Out.
• Ceiling fan is dusted.
• Window Sills and Blinds are Dusted (and washed if necessary).
• Reachable baseboard are dusted. Bedroom Maid Cleaning Service
• Cob Webs are removed.
• Mirrors and Pictures are Dusted and Cleaned.
• Floor is Vacuumed or Swept and Mopped.
• Rugs are put back in place.
• Trash is pulled.
• Door Knobs and Light Switches are sanitized.
• Clean appliances inside and outside
• Cleaning inside drawers