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Kitchen & Dining Areas

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Kitchen Dining Areas Cleaning Service Kitchen & Dining Areas

All we do:

Everything is put in it’s place.
On Counter tops, on top of Refrigerator.
On Shelves, On Tables, Etc.
Microwave is Cleaned out.
Dishwasher is Loaded.
Outside of Refrigerator, Stove, Dishwasher.
Trash Compactor, and other appliances are Sanitized.
All Reachable Baseboards are Dusted.
Rugs are removed and shaken out.
The Window Sills and Blinds are Dusted (and washed if necessary)Kitchen Dining Areas Cleaning Service 2 Kitchen & Dining Areas.
The Ceiling Fan is Dusted.
Cob webs are removed.
All outside of Cabinets and Counter tops are sanitized.
Tables and Chairs are Dusted and Pushed in and look nice.
All Wall Decorations and Pictures are Dusted.
Floor is Swept and Mopped / Rugs are put back in place.
Trash is Pulled.
Mirrors and Glass are Cleaned.